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How External Rendering Can Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Property

External rendering is not only an effective way to enhance the appearance of your property, but it can also significantly improve its energy efficiency. With rising energy costs and increasing environmental concerns, optimising the energy performance of your home or building has become a priority for many homeowners and property owners. In this article, we will explore how external rendering can contribute to improved energy efficiency and the associated benefits. One of the primary ways in which external rendering improves energy efficiency is by providing additional insulation to the building...

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Maintaining and Caring for External Render: Tips for Long-lasting Results

External render is a popular choice for enhancing the aesthetics and protecting the exterior of buildings. It provides a durable and attractive finish that can withstand various weather conditions. However, like any other part of a property, external render requires proper maintenance and care to ensure its longevity and appearance. In this article, we will explore some essential tips for maintaining and caring for external render to achieve long-lasting results. Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning is crucial for keeping the external render in good condition. Use a soft-bristle brush or a low-pressure...

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Why Hire a Professional External Rendering Company for Your Project

When it comes to external rendering projects, hiring a professional rendering company can make a significant difference in the outcome and overall success of the project. While some property owners may consider DIY options or hiring inexperienced contractors to save costs, the benefits of working with a professional external rendering company far outweigh any potential savings. In this article, we will explore the reasons why it is essential to hire a professional rendering company for your external rendering project. Expertise and Experience: Professional rendering companies have extensive...

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The Impact of External Rendering on Property Valuation

External rendering can have a significant impact on the valuation of a property. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the building but also provides functional benefits that can influence the perceived value. When considering the impact of external rendering on property valuation, several factors come into play. In this article, we will explore how external rendering can affect property valuation and why it is considered a worthwhile investment. Curb Appeal: The exterior appearance of a property plays a crucial role in its valuation. External rendering instantly improves the curb appeal by...

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When should lime render be applied?

Lime render is a type of render that is made from a mixture of lime, sand, and water. It is a traditional building material that has been used for centuries to protect and decorate the exterior of buildings. Lime render has several unique properties that make it suitable for certain applications, and it is important to understand when it should be used. One of the main benefits of lime render is its ability to breathe. Lime render is porous, which means it is able to absorb and release moisture. This can be important in areas with high humidity, as it helps to regulate the moisture...

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