We are experienced and highly skilled in the following rendering processes.

Monocouche Coloured Render, Rough Cast Coloured Render, Liquid Screeds, Heritage Lime Render and Brick Effect Rendering.

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What is Rendering?

Rendering is the application of a mortar mixture onto an external elevation. It can be used to protect perishing or defective brickwork or simply as a decorative feature to enhance the appearance of a building.

The addition of a good quality, expertly applied render system such as SM Rendering Contractors can provide, could increase the lifespan of the brickwork below by protecting against penetrating damp and weathering.

There are several different types of rendering. SM Rendering Contractors specialise in the following six types of rendering: –

Monocouche Coloured Render, Rough Cast Coloured Render, Heritage Lime Render, EWI Insulated Render, Brick Effect Render and Liquid Screeds.

Types of Rendering:

Monocouche Render

Is a modern way to render the external elevation of a building producing a contemporary finish. It is applied using a spraying machine for an even and quick finish. The pre-mixed pigmented render product is available in a range of colours and a choice of manufacturers. It is very low maintenance and does not require periodic painting.

Rough Cast Render

Is a textured finish which is achieved by lowering the pressure (slowing) of the render pump for heavier textures and speeding it up for finer finishes. It is popular for rural buildings as it creates a larger surface area that aids moisture absorption on weather-beaten elevations. Rough Cast coloured rendering differs from Pebble Dash renders which has had gravel, shale or grit added after the mix.

Heritage Lime Render

is a breathable and very flexible render. Heritage Lime is particularly suited to older buildings which experience a lot of movement, such as timber framed and those with low quality stone or porous bricks. It readily absorbs and allows moisture evaporation, preventing water penetrating the wall. Lime render is a traditional product and can be pre-coloured and applied in a variety of ways to both external and internal walls.

External Wall Insulation (EWI)

Creates a thermally insulated, protective and decorative exterior covering. With more focus being put on saving energy, EWI has become a popular method of insulating a building, especially where there is not a cavity in the wall. By adding external insulation, it is possible to reduce heat loss and increase heat retention. EWI is applied in two layers. Firstly, an insulation layer is spread all over the external elevation before a protective weatherproof finish such as Monocouche Render system can be used. EWI rendering systems can be very cost efficient and effective as a protective barrier against adverse weather conditions.

Brick Effect Render

Is an attractive coloured external render, particularly suitable for refurbishment projects where new brick work cannot be used. It is normally applied to a scratch (base) in two different coloured coats, wet on wet. The brick coloured top coat is then cut through to expose the lighter coloured mortar layer, creating a brick effect finish. An experienced, highly skilled renderer such as those at SM Rendering Contractors will be able to achieve an excellent brick-like finish.

Liquid Screeds

are applied over a flooring surface to give a smooth, level surface for carpets or tiles to be laid onto. They can also be poured over the heating elements of under-floor heating systems because they are self-levelling and only require a thin layer to be applied. This creates a more efficient and environmentally friendly under-floor heating system as more heat penetrate it.

    Machine Application

    SM Rendering Contractors favour machine application for both applying rendering and liquid screeds. It has many benefits to both our team and the customer by creating a consistent distribution of render product so helping to produce a high-quality finish. Therefore, it is both highly efficient and cost-effective as a method of render application.

    We use the Putzmeister P11 spray pump machine because it has a low-noise diesel engine which has varying speeds for precision application. It is able to pump renders and flow screed up to 70 meters as well as being able to reduce mess and waste whilst working due to its slow-move air supply making delicate areas easier to spray.

    All of the team at SM Rendering Contractors are fully trained and experienced in its use.

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