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Why You Should Render Your Home

A large num­ber of prop­er­ties in the UK are ren­dered the ren­der used on the prop­er­ties has many advantages and we have listed just a few below to show you why rendering has so many great benefits.

  • Pro­tect­ing under­ly­ing brick­work
  • Cre­ate an attrac­tive façade on an unattractive prop­erty
  • Tying sev­eral dif­fer­ent build­ing mate­ri­als types together


A big issue for older prop­er­ties is that they move expanding in the sum­mer and shrink in the win­ter. This movement of the build­ing often results in crack­ing and water can suddenly find its way behind the ren­der. This unfortunately then causes the old sand and cement ren­der to flake leav­ing the façade that does noth­ing to fulfill it’s purpose.

Worth the cost?

There are several really good reasons as to why you should render your property, even if you live in a more modern home. Rendering does come with a cost however and it won’t be for everyone however if you choose carefully what type of rendering you want and insulate at the same time you can see great benefits from rendering your home.

Many of our projects come to us on recommendation from our abundance of extremely satisfied customers from private home owners to corporate construction companies. To request a consultation contact SM Rendering Contractors on 0783 1574 416 or via our simple inquiry form.

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