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Rendering is essential in getting your home or business building protected. Aside from protection, rendering also adds aesthetic appeal to the building and provides a comfortable temperature throughout regardless of the season. Depending on your choice of render and the company working on your project, you’ll get the best results out of your investment.
SM Rendering Contractors Ltd is the company you can trust for all your rendering needs. We are among the most trustworthy rendering businesses in Stoke, and we guarantee to give your external walls the best rendering solution that would last for the longest time possible.

Trusted Rendering Company in Stoke

The family-owned and run SM Rendering Contractors Ltd was established in 1972 and has grown to be one of the most popular and trusted rendering teams to handle projects in the North West of England. We are committed to giving first class service along with an excellent working relationship with clients. We adhere to the health and safety policy and get everyone in the team up-to-date with the trends and techniques in the industry.

After getting the whole idea of your ideas and requirements, we will then proceed to plan and execute the project in no time. We will not only make your exterior wall’s quality last for very long, but we will also have it weatherproofed while still getting an aesthetically pleasing finish. We’re highly skilled in different types of rendering processes, including heritage lime render, brick effect rendering, and many more. We are also capable of applying liquid screeds to flooring surfaces.

Our rendering specialists can give you reliable bits of advice on the type of render to suit your property’s needs and your preferences. We can help you determine which rendering systems require less maintenance, and which ones can work best with the other elements of your property such as your heating system. With the use of high-technology machine in applying both liquid screeds and rendering, we guarantee a high-efficient service at a cost-effective rate.

Learn how our highly-skilled contractors can give you the best rendering solution to suit your property’s needs and your budget. Feel free to call us at 0783 1574 416 to get in touch with one of our staff. You may also send queries and booking requests using the form provided on our contact page.

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