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Need To Render This Winter?

At SM Rendering we have the correct equipment and procedures to make sure no matter what the weather we are prepared for every occasion. Winter however always presents a challenge within our industry due to poor weather conditions and the drop in temperature.

Below we have listed a few useful tips and the procedures we follow to make sure every job is done correctly.

Be Prepared

We always make sure our work is protected against the unpredictable British weather and the first step is always preperation. We always use the appropriate sheeting to cover the area ensuring that frost does not affect the product overnight blocking both rain, snow and also gusts of wind.

Winter Adhesive

If weather conditions are poor then we use the correct materials to accommodate these temperatures. One of these materials is winter adhesive which is completely frost-proof, waterproof and can be used in temperatures close to zero degrees.


With the exception of winter adhesive most of our materials can only be used in temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. Using the materials outside of this temperature range will more than likely end in failure. Of course the weather can not be controlled but freezing overnight temperatures need to be avoided and we always inform our clients if the weather is just to poor.

The main issue is avoiding freezing overnight temperatures, the only way to do this is to keep a sharp eye on the weather forecast and make sure any works are applied and drying well before any frost is due.

Many of our projects come to us on recommendation from our abundance of extremely satisfied customers from private home owners to corporate construction companies. To request a consultation contact SM Rendering Contractors on 0783 1574 416 or via our simple inquiry form.

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